Video Courses offer users a more in-depth learning experience. Video courses allow users to view recordings of full one, two, or three-day in-person programs, without the costs of travel or time out of the office. And they can view on their own schedule. Students have access to the same materials as those attending in-person.

Video Courses
Collapse Construction Contracting and Management for the Developer

Contracting for and managing the the design and construction process is among the most important facets of real estate development. But managing risks and relationships in this multifaceted endeavor is often not well-understood by real estate professionals. The half-day primer will provide you with a brief, but solid introduction to the process from the viewpoint of the real estate developer. You will acquire a better understanding of construction contracts, contract pricing, and considerations in hiring construction professionals. Learn the various players in the process and what you should and should not expect from them in their roles, including the public sector. And gain insight into how best to manage change within this complex and at times unpredictable process.

Program Highlights

  • Overview of the complex, multidisciplinary construction process
  • Introduction to the wide range of players and their roles
  • Contract types and their components
  • Construction management vs. general contracting
  • How projects are organized and bought out by construction professionals
  • Matching the timing and type of construction procurement and contracting with your project
  • How to price and structure the best construction contract to protect your interests
  • What to expect in terms of who actually does the work
  • Managing change and risk in the construction process

Formats Available: Streaming
Original Program Date: February 23, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse Understanding the Real Estate Development Process
Real estate development is a complex, iterative, and interdisciplinary endeavor. To effectively develop, finance, or supervise a project, a fundamental understanding of the process and its many facets is necessary. Many real estate entrepreneurs enter the development business from a tangential discipline. This introductory course is designed for entry- to intermediate-level professionals from all disciplines, both public and private. The course objective is to provide attendees with a basic understanding of real estate development and finance concepts and a comprehensive overview of the development process.
The program begins with a review of the development process and quickly takes participants through several stages of real estate development, demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of the process, and its inherent complexity. Lectures and case studies provide instruction in the fundamentals of successful design and development of real estate. Instruction in financial analysis provides a fundamental understanding of pro forma modeling basics. The program provides participants with practical approaches to real estate development. 

  • Overview of the development process
  • Market analysis and real estate economics
  • Financial analysis of real estate
  • Site selection and due diligence
  • Negotiating and structuring the deal
  • Real estate finance basics
  • Fundamental financial analysis
  • Financing the project
  • Managing the entitlement process
  • Managing the design and construction process
  • Strategic marketing
  • Case studies 

Formats Available: Streaming
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Collapse Video: Basic Real Estate Finance Workshop
Designed for those new to real estate finance, this one-day workshop will introduce students to basic principles of real estate finance. Beginning with an introduction to finance terminology, the workshop will acquaint students with fundamental real estate finance terms and concepts including: income-producing real estate, net operating income, percentage rents, compound interest, discounting process, internal rates of return, and mortgage financing and leverage. This hands-on course is recommended for non-finance real estate professionals who wish to gain a basic understanding of real estate finance that also will help them get more out of more advanced ULI workshops.

Who Should Attend

Non-finance real estate professionals and public agency officials interested in gaining an understanding of real estate finance concepts and calculations.

Formats Available: Streaming
Original Program Date: May 17, 2012
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse Video: Real Estate Finance I
In today’s environment, commercial real estate development only occurs when property markets demand additional space and capital markets are able to provide the needed financing. The opening course in commercial real estate finance targets this intersection of property and capital markets. It highlights the market analysis necessary to support commercial leasing activity, the income and expense analyses flowing from those leases, and the resulting value creation. While addressing equity capital sources, the course focuses more directly on debt capital and understanding loan sources, lenders’ underwriting guidelines, and cash flow analysis. (Equity capital sources and requirements are addressed in detail in the second course in this sequence, Real Estate Finance II.) Finally, participants have an opportunity to complete a commercial development feasibility analysis.
Formats Available: Streaming
Original Program Date: November 07, 2012
MORE INFOMORE INFO Video: Real Estate Finance I