Pro forma Modeling with Excel: The Investment Pro forma (January 2019 On Demand)

This introductory course is a four-part online workshop that guides students through the construction and manipulation of a basic multifamily investment pro forma. The program is geared toward individuals who have never completed a pro forma from scratch. Starting from a blank spreadsheet, students will receive step-by-step direction in the creation of this investment pro forma. At the conclusion of the last session, participants will have completed their own investment pro forma and will have gained a new appreciation for how valuation and investment decisions are made. Each session of the workshop is designed to build on the previous one, and each participant will have a completed pro-forma model at the conclusion. Participants are expected to use learned skills to independently build individual sections of the model. However, the completed stages will be distributed at the end of each session.

Students Will Learn


  • How to identify the relevant project data required to begin crafting a pro forma;
  • Basic to intermediate Excel skills needed to model an industry-accepted pro forma;
  • Basic components of an investment pro forma:
                    - Inputs
                    - Amortization
                    - Pro-forma income cash flows
                    - Valuation
  • How to construct an amortization table to accommodate three loan types: Constant Payment Mortgage (CPM), interest only (IO), and custom amortization and;
  • How to property format a Pro Forma for an Investment Template.










Mr. Staiger is owner of P(Gain), LLC, an international real estate investment and advisory firm with offices in Washington DC and New Castle, Nevis. P(Gain), LLC develops, owns and manages investments in the DC metropolitan area and the Caribbean.

During his 20-year career Mr. Staiger has worked in a number of industries at senior levels. He was Managing Director for a Fortune 500 Energy Company’s retail commodity division, CFO for America’s Best Mid-Sized Builder 2006, and a Portfolio Manager for a large commingled pension fund in New York.

Mr. Staiger holds multiple degrees including BS Electrical Engineering, MBA Investments, MA International Transactions, and a MS Finance

Mr. Staiger provides numerous capital market and economic presentations to organizations internationally. He also appears regularly on television and is often quoted in national periodicals. Mr. Staiger is recognized globally as an expert in Financial Modelling having authored the leading text on the subject, Foundations of Real Estate Financial Modelling, Routledge, 2015. Global interest and sales have warranted a second edition which is expected mid-2018.
Program Information
Program Date:
January 31, 2019
Pro forma Modeling with Excel: The Investment Pro forma Session 1
Pro forma Modeling with Excel: The Investment Pro forma Session 2
Pro forma Modeling with Excel: The Investment Pro forma Session 3
Pro forma Modeling with Excel: The Investment Pro forma Session 4
Individual topic purchase: Selected
Urban Land Institute
Attendance: 8.00
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