Structuring the Deal to be Profitable
Ensuring that the capital structure of your development project is appropriately matched to current strategic objectives and risks, is crucial for the project's success, and the developer's financial return. In this program, participants will review the fundamental mechanisms of development financing by looking at typical financing structures and how they impact developer profitability. The course allows for the practical application of these concepts by helping participants understand how to best finance development projects and identify and review different capital sources and structures. Special focus is given to the real-world demands of real estate development. Various project examples will be used to demonstrate that structuring a profitable deal is about much more than just the lowest cost of capital. 
Attendee Takeaways: 
  • Overview of Developing Financing
  • Review Basic Financing Mechanisms
    • Senior Debt
    • Institutional Equity
    • Mezzanine Debt
  • Groundwork for Financing a Successful Project
  • Understanding how the structure of the capital stack affects project returns

Who Should Attend:
  • Development Project Managers
  • Acquisitions Directors
  • Analysts
  • Architects and Builders who work with Developers

Program Information
Date Presented:
November 25, 2013 1:30 PM Eastern
2 hours
Structuring the Deal to be Profitable
Speaker Information
Christopher Strom   [ view bio ]
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Preview Structuring the Deal to be ProfitablePreview Structuring the Deal to be Profitable
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