Construction Contracting and Management for the Developer

Contracting for and managing the the design and construction process is among the most important facets of real estate development. But managing risks and relationships in this multifaceted endeavor is often not well-understood by real estate professionals. The half-day primer will provide you with a brief, but solid introduction to the process from the viewpoint of the real estate developer. You will acquire a better understanding of construction contracts, contract pricing, and considerations in hiring construction professionals. Learn the various players in the process and what you should and should not expect from them in their roles, including the public sector. And gain insight into how best to manage change within this complex and at times unpredictable process.

Program Highlights

  • Overview of the complex, multidisciplinary construction process
  • Introduction to the wide range of players and their roles
  • Contract types and their components
  • Construction management vs. general contracting
  • How projects are organized and bought out by construction professionals
  • Matching the timing and type of construction procurement and contracting with your project
  • How to price and structure the best construction contract to protect your interests
  • What to expect in terms of who actually does the work
  • Managing change and risk in the construction process

Program Information
Program Date:
February 23, 2016
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