For Sale and Rental Housing in the Brave New World
This groundbreaking housing program focuses on "what's next" in residential development - cutting edge design, consumer preference and opinions, and how such development will be financed in the years ahead. ULI’s senior housing guru, John McIlwain, sets the stage with a new perspective on housing in America for the next decade, and a distinguished array of national speakers will drill down on specific topics.

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Program Date:
September 30, 2010
Housing in America - The Next Decade
Including Mega Trends & Demography

What’s the ‘new normal’ in housing going to look like? Hear about short and long term trends that are emerging from different generational groups – and how these differences will change the housing landscape. Those who fail to understand these new trends will miss opportunities or find themselves building what is no longer in demand.
Speaker Information
John W. McIlwain   [ view bio ]
Eric Swanson   [ view bio ]
Michael Wohl   [ view bio ]
Consumer Confidence - Housing in the Era of the New Consumer
How do Floridians really feel about housing and home ownership? Consumer confidence plays a major role in market recovery – learn what’s on the horizon here at home.
Speaker Information
Christopher McCarty PhD   [ view bio ]
The Capital Market Puzzle
What will the capital structure look like for privately owned residential building companies?
Speaker Information
Scott Coxx   [ view bio ]
Steven M. Friedman   [ view bio ]
Harry Posin   [ view bio ]
Future Innovative Product Types in Response to Changing Housing Needs
With changing demographics and preferences, how will design also change? Hear from two cutting edge architects about how they are designing to respond to these changes.
Speaker Information
Mark Humphreys   [ view bio ]
Michael Woodley   [ view bio ]
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