This new program will address how real estate risk can be mitigated using financial products, e.g. derivatives, on a portfolio level.  The webinar will review the current state of real estate and how the asset classes are evolving since the 2006 formation of derivative products trading on real estate indices.  The question, “what will real estate look like in the future,” will be the focus.

The first portion will cover real estate as an asset class and the discipline of applying portfolio fundamentals to a physical real estate portfolio.  The second part will cover new financial products available to real estate portfolio managers and owners for managing and mitigating risks on the physical assets.  A brief overview of futures pricing will be covered at the end to provide a perspective of future direction on real estate pricing and how the capital markets are used for forward price discovery.

Who Should Attend:
  • Current owners of real estate (multiple sites)
  • Current investors/purchasers/analysts
  • Financial Officers responsible for corporate, portfolio and project risk management
  • Capital providers (equity and debt)

Program Objectives
  • Understanding of real estate market transformation
    • How do you achieve pricing exposure to real estate without owning the physical product, i.e. by owning the financial product (derivative)
  • The vision of portfolio management strategies rather than individual project management
    • Can you achieve the advantages of selling a physical product without actually selling the product and incurring the high transaction costs?
  • Practical uses of Derivative products in real estate and their corresponding uses to mitigate risk
  • Where to find and how to use Futures pricing for Real Estate
  • Fundamental understanding of Derivative products, e.g. Futures, Forwards, and Options
    • How these can now be used to mitigate risks in real estate
Program Information
Date Presented:
November 17, 2010 1:30 PM Eastern
2 hours
21st Century Real Estate Portfolio Management: Risk Management in the Age of Derivatives
Speaker Information
Roger Staiger   [ view bio ]
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Preview 21st Century Real Estate Portfolio Management: Risk Management in the Age of DerivativesPreview 21st Century Real Estate Portfolio Management: Risk Management in the Age of Derivatives
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