Understanding the Real Estate Development Process
Real estate development is a complex, iterative, and interdisciplinary endeavor. To effectively develop, finance, or supervise a project, a fundamental understanding of the process and its many facets is necessary. Many real estate entrepreneurs enter the development business from a tangential discipline. This introductory course is designed for entry- to intermediate-level professionals from all disciplines, both public and private. The course objective is to provide attendees with a basic understanding of real estate development and finance concepts and a comprehensive overview of the development process.
The program begins with a review of the development process and quickly takes participants through several stages of real estate development, demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of the process, and its inherent complexity. Lectures and case studies provide instruction in the fundamentals of successful design and development of real estate. Instruction in financial analysis provides a fundamental understanding of pro forma modeling basics. The program provides participants with practical approaches to real estate development. 

  • Overview of the development process
  • Market analysis and real estate economics
  • Financial analysis of real estate
  • Site selection and due diligence
  • Negotiating and structuring the deal
  • Real estate finance basics
  • Fundamental financial analysis
  • Financing the project
  • Managing the entitlement process
  • Managing the design and construction process
  • Strategic marketing
  • Case studies 

Introductions and Course Overview
Speaker Information
David Farmer PE, AICP   [ view bio ]
Guest Speaker - Howard Kozloff   [ view bio ]
Guest Speaker - Keegan McNamara   [ view bio ]
Alan Razak   [ view bio ]
Guest Speaker - Derek Wyatt   [ view bio ]
Real Estate Market Analysis
Site Selection and Due Diligence I
Site Selection and Due Diligence II
Introduction to Real Estate Finance
Financial Analysis and the Pro forma
Financial Analysis Case Study – Set up
Financial Analysis Case Study – cont.
Managing the Entitlement Process
Deal Structuring - Part I
Deal Structuring - Part II
Managing the Design & Construction Process - Part I
Managing the Design & Construction Process - Part II
Project Case Study
Financial Analysis Case Study - Part II - DCF
Financial Analysis Case Study – Part III – DCF
Strategic Real Estate Marketing
Course Wrap-up/Q&A
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