Managing the Land Development Process for a Small Scale Development
This new ULI webinar will offer a unique primer on the developer’s role in managing the site development process, also known as horizontal development. The program will provide an informative overview of this process, including experience-based best practices in engaging with the numerous consultants, contractors, designers, and utilities that are involved.

The program will include guidelines into preparing bid requests, as well as best way to compare and evaluate bids. Managing and working with public utilities will be addressed in detail, as well the developer’s interactions with lending sources, property owners associations, and project marketing. Concepts will be illustrated through real-world examples.

Program Highlights
  • Identifying the scope work
  • Letters of interest and why you should use them
  • Steps to bidding the project – accurately documenting the RFP
  • Managing consultants (engineers, architects, attorneys)
  • Finding and managing different types of contractors simultaneously
  • Managing the required entitlements
  • Coordinating with utility providers (gas, electric, phone, cable, etc.)
  • Monitoring the schedule
  • Handling pay requests
  • Turn-over of facilities
Program Information
Date Presented:
September 13, 2016 1:30 PM Eastern
2 hours
Managing the Land Development Process for a Small Scale Development
Speaker Information
David Farmer PE, AICP   [ view bio ]
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