Protecting your Assets: How will Sandy (and Future Storms) affect Real Estate Property Values?
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WMVProtecting your Assets: How will Sandy (and Future Storms) affect Real Estate Property Values?
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there has been much uncertainty over how the real estate market will respond in coastal areas.  Post-catastrophe, The Detrimental Conditions Matrix addresses three stages (assessment, repair and ongoing) during which related issues involving cost, use and risk should be considered.  Members of the valuation and appraisal industry have yet to make concrete conclusions on how Sandy will affect real estate property values in the tri-state area as the market plays out. 

This webinar will show how detrimental factors affect property value and share best practices in valuation post-catastrophe.  

Attendee Takeaways
  • Panelists will provide an overview of factors affecting value and market resistance post-Sandy 
  • Market Resistance analysis unique to residential properties using demographic and market fundamental implications and case studies
  • Analysis unique to commercial/investment properties
  • Hear preliminary conclusions of how Sandy will impact property values and cost structures in the tri-state region
  • Learn how lenders, investors, insurers and individual homeowners will need to think differently about assessing value in order to prepare for future storms

Who Should Attend
  • Developers
  • Owners
  • Appraisers
  • Investors
Program Information
Program Date:
March 20, 2013